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Custom Color Consultation

Choosing the best paint color for a room, home, office space, or custom area comes down to three main factors.

Traffic Volume

How much traffic will be flowing through a given area is the most important factor in deciding the type of paint you’ll want us to use when painting your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other space. The amount of traffic coming through a space affects the type of paint sheen you’ll want to be using in your paint colors. Especially for interior paint colors, having the right sheen makes a vast difference in the durability of your paint.

Choosing the Right Sheen

There are six different types of sheen that paint comes in. These are Flat Sheen, Matte Sheen, Eggshell Enamel, Semi-Gloss Enamel, and Hi-Gloss Enamel. Each sheen carries with it specific characteristics that make it preferable or less preferable when deciding on wall paint colors, interior paint colors, and painting designs. Flat sheen is best for low traffic areas because it is easy to touch up. It also hides surface imperfections easily. Matte sheen has a low luster, making it ideal for lower traffic areas such as interior walls and bedrooms. Matte sheen is very easy to clean as well. Eggshell enamel is a great choice for moderate traffic

rooms. We like eggshell paint for its velvety texture and smoothness. Eggshell enamel paints are a great choice for home paint colors. Next there is Satin enamel, a beautiful sheen for high traffic areas.

Enamel paints are preferable for areas that are exposed to moisture because the enamel acts like fingernail polish, sealing out moisture and protecting the walls from damage. We use enamel paints in eggshell, semi, and hi-gloss depending on the specificities of the room. Semi-gloss enamel paint is an especially good kitchen paint idea. It’s also a great interior paint for any high traffic areas of the home that are exposed to moisture, such as verandas, decks, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you’ve got very high-use areas, a hi-gloss enamel is the right call. It’s durable, brilliantly shiny, and makes a fantastic finish within a home.

Paint Color Choice

Do you have some colors you absolutely would not want in your space? Let us know right away, and we will happily help you find colors that match your personality and the interior or exterior of the space. Especially in Hawaii, where the outdoors are so vibrant with greens and blues, it can be nice to have an exterior paint that is more subtle and muted. Or maybe you want to go against the typical colors with something more intense? We help you chose room paint and wall paint colors using paint color swatches and paint samples to determine what looks best.

Choosing a paint color can completely overwhelming. There are so many different factors to consider when choosing a paint color, such as the complementarity of it with the rest of the house or exterior, how well the color will hold up over time, the brilliance of the paint color, and how bold you might want to go. Paint samples can be misleading because once a color is applied to an entire wall or even room it will be much bolder and brighter. The greater the surface area, the more powerful of an impact the color will make.

Our team of consultants will assess the interior or exterior environment, as

well as the different colors in the space. Are you looking to create a palette of multiple colors, some for highlights and others as backgrounds? Our consultation team can help decide which colors will most complement any area you desire to have painted, looking at furnishing, floor colors, and appliance styles for interior spaces, or siding, trim, and roofing for exterior spaces. Everything is accounted for and thought through before you commit to your perfect paint colors.

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A variety of paint colors can be overwhelming but not when you chose Kailua Painting Co. for a paint color consultation.

Exterior Paint Durability

The durability of paint is key in determining the best kind of paint to use. In high sun and heat exposures of Oahu, having a paint that will hold up against the high levels of heat can be the difference between a protected home and a ruined one. One the converse side, exterior paint that will withstand humidity and high levels of moisture on the Windward Side of the island, extending from Waimanalo along the coast up to Kahuku and Kahaluu, is integral to protecting your residence or commercial property. In our color consultations, we will help you to discern the highest durability paint brand, sheen, and paint color that will last the longest, whether it’s for home painting or an exterior wall painting design. A high quality exterior or interior paint that can hold up against high traffic use, Hawaii’s elements, while still looking stunning for years and years to come in a color palette of your choosing can be accomplished through our paint color consultations.

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