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Commercial painting for interior and exterior spaces can be a big job. You’re navigating commercial properties in the surrounding area, time and space constraints, and often times many more safety factors than with residential painting. Kailua Painting Co. works diligently to get the job done right every time for your business.

Whether its re-painting an old building or painting a brand new one from scratch, our team has got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks our team uses for interior painting that will make a huge difference in the quality of the finished product.

Taking Your Time

Some paint professionals will claim they can get the work done is a very short amount of time. This is true, but what you save on time you’ll certainly lose in quality, preciseness, and consistency in the job. Here are some of the major steps we take that, although they may require more work, are well worth it in the end. 

First, clearing the entire area.

This can be a daunting task for large office buildings, high-rises, conference rooms and commercial spaces, but we are up to the challenge. Clearing the entire area before painting is critical. We must remove items and tape over anything that can’t be moved. This will ensure no random paint drips and drops while making our job easier overall.

Protecting the Space

Protecting all the items of the space is our top priority, especially the floors. We invest in high-quality drop canvas drop cloths backed with plastic. Using a cheaper alternative can lead to paint dripping through onto carpet and flooring, or an unsafe working environment. That’s because plastic drop cloths will quickly get slippery and hazardous.

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Preparing Surfaces

 For exterior and interior painting in residences and commercial spaces, fixing any dents, rips, holes, inconsistencies, or tears in the walls is critical. The highest quality paints in the world will still show uneven areas. We’ll assess the areas and use any number of putties, spackles, drywall mud and wood fillers (depending on the surface type) to achieve a smooth finish before painting.

Sanding Surfaces

Sanding achieves smoothness, but it also makes surfaces significantly more adherent to the new paint. Without additional sanding, paint can chip and peel in as little as a year. Caulking is also important to revitalize trim.

To Tape or Not to Tape?

That really is the question with painting. Our team often uses blue painters tape for jobs. Unfortunately, painting requires extra time, but it certainly beats having to fix areas where the paint lines are uneven or have dripped. Several factors must be considered before deciding whether to tape. Often times we use painters tape to ensure a clean line. The concern with using painters tape is that you’ll rip the “skin” of the paint, specifically latex. To prevent that, we score the tape and make sure to carefully remove the tape after the paint has dried.

Top-Notch Painting Tools

We use the best tools, including paint buckets when working on large swatches to avoid color discrepancies. We use high-quality paint rollers and brushes. Specifically, natural brushes are best for oil-based paints, but synthetic is preferred for all-around use. Depending on the type of paint you decide on specific to your commercial paint needs, we have the best tools, such as small and large brushes for detail or bigger work, angled brushes for corners, and more.

Win-do’s and Win-don’ts

Windows require special care to keep paint from getting on the glass and attain a crisp finish. If performing exterior painting, we cover windows with the proper plastic coverings and tape. For interior window painting we take special care to get each portion of the window properly taped so you’ll have those stunning views highlighted by a fresh coat of paint.

Painting Doors

 Many commercial and residential spaces require painting around doors. Depending on the specifics of the task, we’ll need to unbolt doors, tape around them, or painting the doors carefully with paint as well if you desire freshly painted doors as well! To read more about the specifics of our work on interior or exterior commercial painting services, click one of the links below or call us today!

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