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Accent Wall Painting

Accent walls are an easy way to add color to a room, or offset some part of the room. You want to choose a wall that is smooth and haw no openings, doors, or windows. This is because you want the accent wall to do exactly that—accent the room—not detract from the beautiful view through a window. Because an accent wall draws attention, think about where you want attention drawn to.

Drawing Attention with an Accent

Maybe you just got a stunning new piece of art that you want to highlight in the living room? That would be the perfect wall to accent behind it, adding a color that complements the painting.

Any interesting architectural designs, family photo walls, fireplaces, or nice plant spaces in a home are wonderful for accenting with a complementary color that dramatizes the focal point. Or, you might want an accent wall that will blend something in. Say you have a less than ideal area of a room that’s got some clutter or a large T.V.—a darker accent wall can effectively blend the unsightly area or T.V. more smoothly into the room.

Accent Wall Illusions

Accent walls also work to lengthen a room when they are placed at the end of a room. Similar to how we can add mirrors to walls to make a space seem larger, an accent wall on the far end of a long, narrow room will elongate the space. Go for muted shades of bright colors. Instead of a bright red, go for a nice mauve. Instead of electric blue, try a gentler alternative.

If you’ve got your heart set on a lime green or hot pink though, we won’t stop you! Just remember that oftentimes the less bright versions of colors will stand the test of time better than their bolder counterparts.

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Siding Painting

Vinyl siding is a common choice for many homeowners, especially in Hawaii where the weather and moisture can take a toll. Not only does siding add some insulation, it also adds a nice dynamic look to a home at a relatively low cost, with very little maintenance. Just like any other material, however, vinyl siding will wear out, fade, and can even start to accumulate mold in wetter climates such as you find on the Windward side—Kaneohe, Kailua, and even Nuuanu, we’re looking at you—necessitating a fresh coat of paint. Painting siding can seem like a large project, which is why Kailua Painting Co. is happy to paint your siding for you.

Paint applied to siding in hot and humid weather will often not adhere properly, so we’ll need to choose a time in the calendar of Hawaii weather that’s ideal for painting siding. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t too difficult considering how great our weather is most of the year. Then, the fun part—choosing a new color. You’ll want to stick with lighter colors to avoid absorbing heat which can lead to warping and overheating the home. It’s important to use a paint that contains acrylic and urethane resins, so that expansion and contraction isn’t an issue. Then, we have to clean the siding to ensure the paint will adhere, and finally paint over the siding, potentially using primer first if the old paint has become porous.

Cabinet Painting

Not ready to drop 3 paychecks on a kitchen renovation but ready to re-vamp it’s look? Having your cabinets painted is a fantastic way to enliven a room, just as new siding can truly elevate the look of a home. Check out our varnishing services to learn more about the steps we take to repaint wooden cabinets. Some other basic tips and tricks are to remove all the doors and drawers, painting them individually. If not, you’ll end up with painted-over hinges, causing long-term problems. Plus, all the wood must be cleaned before we paint it, or you’ll risk peeling paint. We also have to make sure everything goes back where it belongs, so we’ll label everything upon removal to make sure your cabinets, drawers, and other items go back where you want them to.

Painting Windows

Window painting can be another tricky task for non-professionals. We remove all the hardware and separate the pieces of windows to keep make sure they all work when they’re put back into their proper places. It’s also important to start early in the day or cover the areas when we remove the windows, to keep out pesky flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. Angled brushes are fantastic for painting windows as well. Just as with cabinets, a fresh coat of paint on your windows can completely change the look of a room and home at a much lower cost than re-painting an entire interior or exterior. We will also paint house trim, furniture, doors, stucco, and more. Send us an inquiry through our contact form or call us today to get your custom painting services right away.

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