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Exterior Painting Considerations

Some of the biggest factors to consider for exterior painting overall are: 

1.Scope of the project

How large of a project is this? What are the reasonable time-frames to paint one, two, three, or even more buildings? We consider these factors when providing our estimates because we know that commercial spaces can’t lose much time to delays. You’ve got to be able to open your doors to customers for as much time as possible, especially considering the high cost of renting commercial spaces on Oahu! 

2.Perfect Color Choice

Hawaii’s sun, wind, and rain are all factors to consider for the type of paint, but finding the best color to match your business, draw in visitors and customers, and provide valuable curb appeal to your building is also important. We help you balance utility with design and style in finding an exterior paint color that best suits your commercial needs. 

3.Serious about Safety

Many times, the preparation required before painting and the heights to which workers must get to during painting can be dangerous. We make sure every safety precaution is taken to ensure the safety of our employees, your employees, and everyone around the area. 

We use high quality scaffolding, proper safety measures, and blocking off of any areas to make sure no one will ever be injured while we are working on-site. 

4.Additional Services

Oftentimes we must remove mildew, grime, and buildup that has accrued on exterior surfaces before painting to ensure the best possible adherence. This can include caulking, pressure washing, and sanding.

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Hawaii-Specific Considerations

While we don’t have to worry about snow and extremely cold temperatures in Hawaii, moisture and rain are important factors to consider, especially for large commercial projects where the paint will be highly exposed. We’ll help you chose the right time for painting (ideal temperatures for painting are between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit) when rain is less likely. Oftentimes, this means summer or fall projects to avoid the rainy spring and winter seasons on Oahu. 

Extreme heat can cause warping and be problematic as well, so don’t plan on projects during the hottest or most humid months of the year. Finally, time is money, but particularly in Hawaii where commercial rent prices can be incredibly high, it’s important to make sure a project is finished as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal downtime for your establishment!

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