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Exterior house paint comes in many colors, sheens, and finishes as well. Different paints are suited to different uses, many of which are specific to the location and climate of a home or residence. Kailua Painting Co. uses the best exterior paints for the needs of your home. Whether you’re on the rainy Windward side or in the super sunny regions of Central Oahu, an exterior house paint tailored to your needs is a must. 

The best exterior paint isn’t a cover-all. The best exterior paint is the one most suited to your home and your home’s needs. Outdoor house paint comes in many styles and colors. Read below to get a sense of which type of exterior paint to choose and some specific considerations to keep in mind.

How Durable is the Paint?

Exterior paint is not the time to cut corners on price. You’ll generally get what you pay for with exterior paint, which can range anywhere from ten dollars to 55 dollars a gallon, with warranties between five to fifteen years. More expensive exterior paints have higher quality ingredients that will last longer in the sun, heat, rain, and wind.

What Kinds of Chemicals are in It?

Higher quality products generally have less toxic chemicals, commonly called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so they are often better for

the environment and your health. We recommend choosing paints that are low VOC as much as possible, even for outdoor paint, because it’s healthier for your

children, neighbors, pets, family, and the environment. Oil-based paint is generally higher in VOCs, so if we are painting over an already painted surface

that is oil-based, we’ll aim to use low VOC oil paint when possible.

How Long to Dry?

Do you need your home painted and ready to go within three days, or can you wait for up to a full week? Depending on your constraints, you’ll want to consider the drying time of paints when choosing which one is best. Latex paints can dry within several hours, with a second coat ready to be applied in under six hours. Oil paint can require up to twenty-four hours of drying time in between each coat. Color Quality Cheaper low quality paints will lose the richness and

vibrancy of their color over time.

Darker vs. Lighter Exterior Paint Colors

Darker colors are more prone to fading in high sun exposure regions (not to mention darker colors can increase the heat in a home) so using higher quality paint and knowing how much sun exposure a specific wall will receive will determine how high quality and how dark of a paint color you’ll want to choose for your exterior walls.

Rain Resistance

Oil paints used to be the most common for exterior paint as they were quite water resistant and repellant. But then acrylic latex paint came onto the scene and changed the game. Acrylic paint flexes so it will repel rain because the flex eliminates cracks and adds strength to exterior paint. Many types of paint contain small amounts of acrylic, but the highest quality outdoor paints will be “all acrylic” or “100% acrylic” to be the most rain and weather resistant.

Surface Compatibility

It’s critical to know what type of paint adheres best to

which type of surface, whether we’re working with drywall, metal, or wood.

Outside house paint depends greatly on the materials composing the house and

the weather influences for the specific house we are working on. Our

residential painting services, whether they are interior or exterior, are meant

to last and continue to look stunning through the Summer heat and Winter rain.

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