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Choosing Interior Commercial Colors

If you’re a new business owner, no matter your niche, you know that having beautiful interior paint colors for you employees, guests, and yourself is crucial for productivity and to maximize a space’s beauty and impact. 

Whether you’re opening up a funky new coffee shop in Kaka’ako, re-doing a commercial workspace in Downtown Honolulu, or changing up the look of an existing establishment anywhere from Hawaii Kai to Waipio, Kailua Painting Co. can help you chose the best color schemes, designs, paint enamels, and more to match your brand or business image and needs.

Which is the Right Color?

Some of the most common colors for interior commercial spaces are blues, greens, and whites. Here’s why: 

Winning Whites: Whites are a classic color choice for many commercial spaces. The neutral color plays well with most furniture, interior decoration, and architecture. It’s a fantastic color for office spaces and lobbies. Plus, white reflects light, adding light, energy, and vibrance to any room. The downside of white is that it gets dirty easily, so it’s best to stay away from white for more high traffic and dirty areas such as work spaces and restaurants. 

Did you know there are about 52 different types of white color, and over 300 different variations of white paint? If you’re looking for a white color that isn’t the standard pure white, we offer colors such as eggshell, pearl, cream, ivory, Navajo, papaya, iceberg, flax, sea cloud, vanilla, dove wing, lace and many, many more. Not to worry though, our Color Consultants will help you find the perfect white for you. 

Best Blues: Blue shades and tones are especially characteristic of the lovely Oahu ocean, the sea and the islands. Blue evokes tranquility, calm, relaxation, and provides a pleasant atmosphere. Blue works especially well for beachy establishments and designer boutiques, such as bikini companies, jewelry shops, and art galleries like you might find in the heart of Haleiwa town. 

Giddy Greens: Greens keep visitors and workers alike active, engaged, and productive. It’s also a great color for conference rooms as you’ll find in Downtown Honolulu and other business districts of Oahu, because it induces a sense of calm and ease while still keeping people engaged and focused. Green is a great choice for many commercial establishments because of its soothing effect.

Brighter shades add an extra burst of earthy liveliness, while darker hues can melt into the background, highlighting products and contrasting nicely with many different products.

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Less Traditional Paint Colors

Radiant Reds: Red is a highly evocative color stands out boldly on its own. It’s used in many restaurant logos (think McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s) because it’s been shown that red increases our appetite. Red is a great accent color for restaurants and powerful branding. If you want to stand out and make a statement, then reds are the color for your business. Red means high energy, productivity, and voraciousness. Red is also highly symbolic of wealth and luck in many Asian traditions and countries (Panda Express, anyone?!). Although reds are fantastic for being bright and intense, they can become somewhat overwhelming. If you’re not sure about true reds and their variations, explore mellower and more subdued options such as radicchio, red gumball, incarnadine, blazer, sundried tomato, and more! 

Outrageous Oranges: Orange tones are highly saturated, reminding us of orange juice, summer time, and value. Did you know orange colors encourage sales and increased customer engagement, thanks to being such a stimulating color? Orange is sometimes associated with youthfulness or inexperience, so unless your commercial space is an up-and-coming start-up or busy dining establishment it can get a little overwhelming. Still yet, orange can be a fantastic point of counter-balance to more neutral or subdued colors. 

Playful Purples: Purple is the color of luxury, wealth, royalty, and rich. It’s a color that screams wealth and expense, perfect for luxury stores, high-end hotels, and night clubs. This funky color can add a lot of variety and dynamism to a space, but can also become too intense for employees and guests, so it’s important to keep your business and brand image in mind when choosing this color.

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