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As we mentioned in the main page, we are sometimes working with old paint or painting brand new surfaces, which influences our approach to the project. In both cases however, some very basic rules of interior painting apply.

One of the most important tricks for interior painting is to avoid those ugly lap marks. Kailua Painting Co. makes even and uniform strokes on every surface to eliminate those pesky lines and overlaps. We never let our paint dry out as that can lead to waste and extra expense that we always want to avoid. 

When working with existing paint, we determine whether the paint is oil or latex first and foremost, along with lead testing, because we must know what type of paint we are working with. This will determine the type of paint we will be using for the wall, as combining them can be problematic. It also influences the type of primer we use, because the primer type must also match the paint type.

Painting from Scratch

If we’re painting from scratch on say, drywall, metal, or concrete, however, we can use whichever primer and paint is preferable for the situation and elemental concerns of the specific room or rooms. Painting drywall often requires a water-based primer to achieve an even and smooth base for the paint color, while painting over water damaged or smoky walls requires an oil-based primer.

Oil Versus Water-Based

Oil based primers are slow to dry, while water-based latex paints are fast-drying and generally less brittle. Another factor to consider is the removability of the paint and primer, as oil-based paints and primers require paint thinner or turpentine, which can be toxic. Water-based or latex paints are generally preferable for interior home painting thanks to being easier to clean up and remove. Oil-based paint is higher in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can off-gas into rooms, making them preferable for exterior painting or larger rooms that have good air flow.

Adding Texture

Texture is an option for interior painting to add dynamism and interest to a room. We can achieve texture through a variety of methods including more coarse roller brushes, sponges, paint additives, and textured paint. We can also add a faux finish using rag rolling for even more unique style and creative expression. Keep in mind, however, that textured paint has its pros and cons in terms of how easy it is to clean walls of dust and stains. Are you curious about how several different colors might look? Try we can try several samples to discern the best color, sheen, and finish for your rooms look and feel. Depending on your specific needs, we can choose the best paint that’s most effective. 

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